Mindset and positivity

Thoughts = Feelings = Actions

So, if you have negative thoughts, you’ll have negative feelings and make negative decisions about what to do (or not do, often)

If you have positive thoughts, you’ll feel more positive, and are more likely to take positive action.

So how can you learn to control your thoughts better?

I’ve trained myself to think more positively. Of course, I’m only human and I have a negative moment or even a low day sometimes. But I bounce back pretty fast.

These are some of the things I do to  keep keep my thoughts (and therefore my feelings and actions) positive.

  • Exercise daily – I like to do yoga, dancing, and rebounding; movement is key to not only physical health but mental, too
  • Meditation – I use the Calm app, it’s brilliant
  • Write a list of everything I’m grateful for today in my journal
  • Set goals and intentions about what I want to have, be and do in my life
  • Look at my vision board daily – this helps me to focus on what I’m working towards
  • Be productive – work towards my goals every day, to gain a sense of achievement
  • …and much more. I’ll be sharing tips on my blog and social media over the coming months so be sure to follow me if you’d like to learn more 🙂

Also… Actions = Feelings

If you sit around all day being lazy, how do you feel? I tend to feel sluggish, and have a sense that I didn’t achieve anything, and therefore not particularly happy.

If you have a really productive day, achieve lots of items on your ‘to do’ list, then have some fun for a few hours, how do you feel then? I know I feel happy, satisfied, and have a sense of accomplishment. Read more about balancing pleasure and achievement >

Have a great day 🙂