Harry Potter and the Sleep Deprivation

Screenshot 2019-07-04 at 14.27.52I love books. I especially love those that I just can’t put down. Despite the fact that I know the book will still be there tomorrow and that reading it quickly will mean the pleasure is over that bit sooner; I always devour a good book, reading at every opportunity, neglecting any menial tasks (and my friends/family!) and deprive myself of sleep just so that I can keep turning another page, absorbing the masterpiece way past my bed time.

I get so passionate about a really great book that I dream about it, I tell everyone I know that they should read it, and I feel sad when it’s finished. For me, reading a great novel is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend time.

It shocked many of my friends and family when I admitted to them that I had never read the Harry Potter books. The most successful books of my generation, and I’d completely ignored all the hype, hadn’t even seen the movies. But after many people kept telling me how amazing, clever, and incredible they were, I decided I’d give them a go.

Almost immediately, I became engaged and absorbed into the story, and now, as I’m reading book five, I get it: it’s a work of genius and no wonder so many people love these books. The characters are realistic and their relationships fascinating, the adventures and sense of impending danger keep you on the edge, and every single page is a joy to read. My only problem: how will I cope when I finish the last book?!

So; thank you to the people who recommended Harry Potter (and apologies for not listening to you all sooner) and if you are reading this, and love books, but think Harry Potter is for kids: think again – and go and buy the whole box set. You’re in for a treat.

Currently reading: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K Rowling.

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